Tornion Voima taking part in the Energy Efficiency Agreements programme

Tornion Voima has been involved in the Finnish nationwide Energy Efficiency Agreements programme since 2010. The aim of the agreements is to increase energy efficiency in industries in general, the energy and service sectors, the real estate business, the municipal sector and oil-heated properties. The Energy Efficiency Agreements are an important part of Finland’s energy and climate strategy and a primary means of promoting the efficient use of energy in the country. Responsible and efficient use of energy reduces the carbon dioxide emissions which cause climate change.

“The Energy Efficiency Agreements programme actively drives us to seek out areas in which we can improve our energy efficiency. With the resulting measures, we are improving the efficiency of our power plant, which can be seen in falling emissions and greater cost savings. The investment in heat pump technology is another excellent addition to our agreement programme,” says Aki Hakulinen.

For more information contact: Aki Hakulinen, Managing Director of Tornion Voima Oy, tel. + 358 50 386 2602