Tornion Voima improves its energy efficiency by investing in heat pump technology

Tornion Voima Oy has invested in state-of-the-art heat pump technology to improve the energy efficiency of its CHP power plant.

“The project involves the recovery of heat from a closed cooling water system and transferring it to a system where it will heat the combustion air by means of heat pumps and exchangers. Previously, the energy in the closed cooling water system was transferred to the sea, and district heat and steam were used to heat the combustion air. Now the district heat and steam are replaced by the energy contained in the closed cooling water system,” says Aki Hakulinen, Managing Director of Tornion Voima Oy.

The payback period of the investment is between 3 to 4 years, which indicates that this investment can significantly improve energy efficiency.


The system has been supplied by the Finnish company Calefa Oy. The investment has received energy aid from Business Finland.