Tornion Voima’s electric boiler completed

The electric boiler built in Röyttä, Tornio, has been put into operation. This electric boiler is being used to produce process steam and district heating to meet the needs of Outokumpu and the city of Tornio. With the new boiler, Tornion Voima’s parent company, EPV Energy, will increase the share of emission-free and flexible energy sources in its total production, in line with its strategy.

Tornion Voima’s electric boiler was commissioned in March and April in Röyttä, Tornio. The boiler is located on the Outokumpu factory site in a new building constructed specifically for it. It is EPV Energy’s fifth electric boiler. Of the other four, three are in Vaasa and one in Seinäjoki.

Aki Hakulinen, Managing Director of Tornion Voima, explains that the boiler will strengthen Tornion Voima’s energy production portfolio by adding this crucial element. The electric boiler has a capacity of 40 MW and produces both process steam and district heating.

“The process steam produced will be used by the Outokumpu steel plant, while the district heating will be used to heat the city of Tornio and the Outokumpu plant,” Hakulinen explains.

The new electric boiler will be able to produce process steam and district heat more cost-effectively than combustion technology. At the same time, it will reduce climate emissions from the company’s energy production. As a result, Tornion Voima’s electric boiler supports EPV Energy’s New Electricity Revolution strategy and its promise of emission-free and flexible energy production and consumption. The electric boiler also plays an important role in storing the electricity and heat produced.

How does an electric boiler work?

The new boiler is 10 metres high and has a cylinder that is about 3 metres in diameter. In addition to the boiler itself, the system includes components such as a feed water tank, piping and valves, plus, of course, electrical devices and automation. According to Hakulinen, the electric boiler is easy and quick to use.

“Water is heated in the electrode boiler and it produces steam. The steam is saturated and has a temperature of about 170 degrees Celsius. If necessary, the steam produced is divided into 5 and 8 bar pressures by reduction stations. The steam is then piped to Outokumpu for use. The steam generated can also be routed to a district heat exchanger to produce district heat,” says Hakulinen.

The electric boiler is mainly operated by automation. In addition to start-up, the system requires regular monitoring.

For more information contact: Aki Hakulinen, Managing Director of Tornion Voima, 050 3862602